Summer 2022

July is a very busy month! I’m really excited about all the projects coming up this month and very happy to be performing in familiar work as well as a new collaboration!

I will be revisiting MASS with Robert Clark as a choreographed audience-participation experience in an embodied cognition experiment at the Wellcome Collection on Thurs 7 & Fri 8 July. Contact me if you’d like more info!

On Sat 16 July I’ll be back with Janine Harrington’s Screensaver Series to celebrate the launch of The Dance Space in Brighton, as part of Our City Dances. We are performing three times in one day, and tickets are free to book here.

I am really honoured and excited to be invited by Whitechapel Gallery to create a performance for Nocturnal Creatures on Sat 23 July, in a collaboration and response to artist Emma Talbot’s exhibition The Age / L’Età. I will be joined by collaborator and artist Bettina Fung, in a performance featuring recorded readings by author and activist Starhawk. Performance times are at 7pm and 9pm in Gallery 2 of Whitechapel Gallery. More details here.

Autumn 2020

I have returned back to London after two months of intense summer heat in Hong Kong, having witnessed a dramatic and historical moment for my home city and my sense of belonging and identity. This month I’m doing some research for choreographer (and friend) Gillie Kleiman on her new project friend, while also preparing for upcoming performances and an R&D project with choreographer Annie Hanauer starting in September.