Iris (she/her) is a London-based dancer, performer, and producer from Hong Kong.

I have been working in the UK dance sector with a range of choreographers, artists, and organisations for over 10 years in roles traversing administration, producing, performing, teaching, and facilitating. I perform in galleries, museums, theatre and site-specific contexts as a dancer and performer. Artists with whom I’ve worked and collaborated with include Sung Im Her, Hetain Patel, Jo Fong, Janine Harrington, Florence Peake, Zadie Xa, Laura Wilson, Ghost & John, Robert Clark, Pablo Bronstein, and Amina Khayyam, amongst others. This has led to me performing at festivals such as EAREYE (Malmö, 2020), Chinese Arts Now (London, 2020), Dance International Glasgow (2019), Art Night (London, 2019), Venice Biennale (2019), Prague Quadrennial (2019), SPILL festival (Ipswich, 2018), Block Universe (London, 2018), and Do Disturb at Palais de Tokyo (Paris, 2018).

My background is in contemporary dance and classical Indian dance Kathak. I graduated with a BA (Hons) from University of Surrey and an MA from London Contemporary Dance School where I performed and toured internationally with the postgraduate dance company EDge.

Alongside performing, my career in arts management began as administrator at Independent Dance from 2008-2013. Since 2015 I have been a freelance producer and manager, as well as covering management level roles in companies such as Luca Silvestrini’s Protein, Candoco Dance Company, and Siobhan Davies Dance. I am currently freelance producer with choreographer Matthias Sperling and the interdisciplinary research project NEUROLIVE.

Working both within and outside of organisations/institutions, I draw from my experiences of tension between professional identities as well as cultural identities as a British Hong Kong-er to inform the work I do and environments that I co-create. I enjoy collaborating as a dance artist, creating alongside others in an artistic process, whilst bringing my interests in interdisciplinary collaboration, improvisation, somatic practices, and community-building projects.

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Top image: Michael Cobb
Gallery (l to r): Hydar Dewachi, Scott Sawyer, Anne Tetzlaff